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Canvas Parent App

Beginning December 4, 2017, parents can use the Canvas Parent app on Android and Apple mobile devices to stay up-to-date with their student's Canvas courses.

To avoid confusion of any total grade differences between Canvas and PowerSchool, grade totals will be hidden in Canvas for all PowerSchool courses beginning December 4, 2017. Grades for individual items, such as quizzes, discussions and assignments, will still be displayed in Canvas and in the Canvas Parent app.

Canvas and PowerSchool are two separate systems. This may result in differences between assignment names and grades between the two applications. Although there are grades in Canvas, official student grades are displayed in PowerSchool.

Three steps to get started (download instructions):

  1. Install the Canvas Parent app.
  2. Create a Canvas Parent account.
  3. Add student(s).

Canvas Parent app allows parents to:

  • view their child’s Canvas courses.
  • view information about assignments, submitted work, and events.
  • view individual grades.
  • set alerts based on course activity.

Canvas Parent app does NOT allow parents to:

  • view quiz questions or responses.
  • view submitted assignments.
  • view cumulative grades.
  • communicate with the teacher.
  • log into the web version of Canvas.

Assistance using the Canvas Parent app can be found at https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-7884.


Last Updated: December 5, 2017