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Courses in Canvas

PowerSchool Created Courses

There is a nightly sync with PowerSchool that manages courses in Canvas.

  • Canvas courses are created for every section in PowerSchool.
  • Canvas course ID shows the last name of the lead-teacher from PowerSchool.
  • Cross-listing is an option if requirements are met.
  • Grade Passback is an option for middle and high schools.

Manually Created Courses

  • Teachers can create and manage manual courses from the Canvas Portal.
  • Create in Canvas (for K-12 students) or Learning Central (for staff only).
  • Canvas course ID shows the WakeID for the owner of the course.
  • Cross-listing and Grade Passback are not options.
Canvas Courses
  PowerSchool Courses Manual Courses

Course Creation

automatic from PowerSchool Canvas Portal
User Enrollments automatic from PowerSchool
manual enrollments available
*only lead-teacher will be added
managed by the teacher
Sections automatic from PowerSchool
cannot add new sections
managed by the teacher
can add new sections
Self-Enrollment not available available
Term Restrictions concluded at the end of the term no term end date
Cross-Listing each teacher makes their own
cross-listing request
not available
Grade Passback Middle and High Schools only not available
CourseID Example 342.Scott.43042X0XR.35.2022


Blueprint Courses

Blueprint courses allow course designers to push preformatted content, learning activities, and assessments to your PowerSchool course. Corrections and updates can be provided in real time.

Course Templates

Course Templates help educators get started by including a pre-designed course framework, ready to use icons, and step-by-step directions with screencasts addressing the following topics:

  • Setting up and publishing a new course
  • Adding or customizing course content using Modules that include Pages, Assignments, and Discussions
  • Creating a course Home Page

Get started with templates:

Use a NCVPS Course:

If you have any additional questions, follow your normal support procedure for technology related issues.

Last Updated: July 26, 2022