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Cross-Listing Canvas Courses

Cross-listing allows the teacher to designate a Canvas PowerSchool course to be the “parent” course for delivering content to designated “child” courses. This can be helpful for instructors who teach several sections of the same course and want to manage content for all courses from one parent course.

Create Cross-List File (NEW)

Watch the video below to learn how to create and use the new cross-list file. This file was designed to make the cross-listing process easier. Download your cross-list file at https://wcpss.instructure.com/courses.

Find the Course URL Number

The new Cross-List File mentioned above contains these course URL numbers. You will need the course URL numbers for the parent and child course(s). In the example below, 14725 is the course URL number.

Cross-Listing Requirements:

  • Staff - The requestor must be a WCPSS Staff member.
  • Unique - Duplicate course URL's in the same request is not allowed.
  • Owner - The course owner must make the request (e.g. 342.Allen.FE112X0.1.2016 must be submitted by Ms. Allen).
  • One Teacher - Only courses from the same teacher can be cross-listed. You cannot cross-list courses with another teacher.
  • PowerSchool - Only Canvas PowerSchool courses will be cross-listed; manual Canvas courses will not.
  • Not Already Cross-listed - Child courses can only have 1 section. Multiple sections means the course is already cross-listed.
  • Same Term - All courses must be associated with the same term.

Cross-Listing Form



Teacher Access to the Cross-Listing Google Form:

1. Log into Canvas at http://wcpss.instructure.com.

2. Click the Help icon on the left navigation bar.

3. Click Cross-List PowerSchool Courses.


  • A Google Form will be open in the active browser window.
  • Once all required information has been submitted, allow 2 business days for completion.

Course Design Considerations:

Cross-listed courses merge all student enrollments from each child course into the parent course. This means that if there are 4 sections of Algebra 1 with 25 students each, the parent course will have all 100 students enrolled. Because of the combined enrollments, it is important to consider the following design best practices for cross-listed courses.

Student Privacy:

Course Discussions and Messaging:


  • To prevent data loss, cross-listing of courses should be completed before students begin working in the Canvas course. If the following data exists in a course at the time of cross-listing, it will be lost: submitted assignments, quizzes, discussion posts, work done in groups and all other grade associated items.
  • Only Canvas PowerSchool courses will be cross-listed; manual Canvas courses will not.
  • The user making the request must be the primary teacher listed in PowerSchool.

Checking Course Settings:

Teachers can check to see if a course is cross-listed from course Settings > Sections. Cross-listed courses will have more than one section with a SIS ID.

If you have any additional questions, follow your normal support procedure for technology related issues.

Last Updated: July 18, 2022