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Grade Passback

This optional feature is available for Middle and High Schools and requires some setup by the teacher. It is critical for teachers using Grade Passback to know how to use it correctly, since grades will be sent to PowerSchool, the authoritative source for grades.

Important Notes

  • Notifications: Both Canvas and PowerSchool have notification options. End users (parents, teachers, and students) may get notifications from both system depending on the preferences they choose. Sending grades from Canvas to PowerSchool will trigger PowerSchool notifications.
  • Renaming Assignment Groups: Changing the name of the assignment group in Canvas after importing from PowerSchool will break the sync.
  • PowerSchool Courses: Grade Passback only works with PowerSchool courses, not manual courses.
  • Grade Levels: Elementary schools cannot use Grade Passback since it does not support standard based grading.
  • Optional: Grade Passback is an optional feature to improve the grading workflow. Teachers not comfortable using it should continue to move grades to PowerSchool manually.

The Process

Follow the Grade Passback Documentation that covers detailed steps for using this feature.

  1. Prepare Categories in PowerTeacher Pro and wait 24 hours.
  2. Import assignment groups.
  3. Set up assignments to sync.
  4. Sync grades to PowerTeacher Pro.
  5. Check status Using Grade Sync.

Assignment Requirements

Each assignment must follow these requirements to sync with PowerTeacher Pro:

  • Due date is within range of the course term.
  • Title is no more than 50 characters long.
  • Assigned to is set to “Everyone” or a specific section, not individual students.
  • Sync to SIS is enabled (green recycle icon on assignments page).
  • Mastery Paths assignments will not sync to PowerTeacher Pro.
  • Moved to an imported assignment category with the import icon and exact name from PowerSchool.

Troubleshooting Errors

Use Grade Sync from the course navigation to check sync history details. The details include error information that will help you fix the issue.

Grade Sync Troubleshooting Errors
Error # Grade Sync Error Message Error Meaning Fixing the Issue
1 Assignment ... is not in an imported/synced assignment group in Canvas. Please ensure all assignments set to Post to SIS are in an imported/synced category.

Sync to SIS is enabled for an assignment that is not in an assignment category.

Disable Sync to SIS for that assignment or move it to an imported assignment category.

2 An assignment already exists with this name... and due date... for one or more classes. An assignment was created manually in PowerTeacher Pro with the same name as the assignment in Canvas. Delete the assignment(s) in PowerTeacher Pro and then run another sync.
3 Cannot export Canvas submission in
section ###
assignment ###
for student student_###
A specific assignment for a specific student does not have a grade to send to PowerTeacher Pro.
  • Find the student. Search for student_### from the People page in your course.
  • Find the assignment. Add "/assignments/###" to the end of your course URL. It will look similar to this: https://wcpss.instructure.com/courses/12345/assignments/12345
  • Grade the assignment for that student and sync grades again.
4 Grading Category missing for assignment... The assignment is outside of an imported assignment group.
  • Move the assignment into an imported assignment group and sync again
  • Disable Sync to SIS for the assignment.
5 Score entry points is required One or more assignments in Canvas have a points possible of "none". Change assignment(s) in Canvas to be out of 0 points instead of "none".
6 Student.id... does not have an AssignmentStudentAssociation in AssignmentSection.Id... The student is incorrectly enrolled. It could be a manual enrollment or the student is enrolled in the wrong section.

Submit a Help Desk ticket. Include in the ticket:

  • course URL (e.g. https://wcpss.instructure.com/courses/12345)
  • copy/paste entire error
  • time started from the Grade Sync page
7 TeacherCategoryID is not active or does not belong to lead teacher for Section Assignment categories do not match across all sections in PowerTeacher Pro. Re-import Assignment Groups and try to sync again.
8 Unable to post score for student (student_###) in assignment (###). Score has been removed after original grading took place. The student submitted an assignment again that has not been re-graded. Regrade the assignment and sync again.
9 "Assignment names must be shorter than 50 characters. Please adjust assignment names in Canvas to be less than 50 characters and reattempt grade posting."
Unable to create assignment... "Bad Request Assignment name exceeds 50 characters."
The name of the assignment is to long. Edit the name of the assignment so that it is less than 50 characters.


Grade Passback FAQ's

Below are the most common questions around Grade Passback (taken from Canvas Guides).

How frequently are grades updated from Canvas to PowerSchool?

  • Manual syncs can be run from the gradebook at any time.
  • Nightly syncs can be setup by the teacher from Grade Sync in the course navigation.

What information is included in a Canvas-to-PowerSchool sync?

  • Assignment description
  • Assignment group association/Category association
  • Assignment name
  • Due dates
  • Earned Scores
  • Extra credit points
  • Late assignment status
  • Points possible

Are there specific requirements for an assignment to sync from Canvas to PowerSchool?

  • Due dates are required for assignment and grade passback.
  • Assignment names must be unique. If a Canvas assignment name already exists in PowerSchool, Canvas will not sync that assignment to PowerSchool.
  • Assignments must be assigned to a specific section or to everyone in your course. PowerSchool does not support Canvas differentiated assignment functionality, including assignments assigned to individual students or MasteryPaths.
  • Assignment names cannot be longer than 50 characters.

How do I sync grades from Canvas to PowerSchool for a concluded or closed course?

  • WCPSS does not allow changes in Canvas after a term ends. Grades will need to be manually entered into PowerSchool.


If you have any additional questions, follow your normal support procedure for technology related issues.

Last Updated: August 17, 2022