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WCPSS Canvas Support
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Login Help

Who has a WCPSS Canvas account?

  • All WCPSS staff
  • All WCPSS students

How do I log into Canvas?

  • Users must log into Canvas with their WakeID. Follow the steps below.


1. Log into the WakeID Portal. 2. Click the Canvas or Learning Central icon on the Applications tab. 3. Your Canvas account will open to the Canvas Dashboard.
  WakeID canvas icons Canvas Dashboard

Mobile App Login

Only the Canvas Student and Canvas Teacher apps are available for WCPSS.

  1. Clikck Find my school.
  2. Search for Wake County. Select either Wake County Public Schools or Wake County Schools.
  3. Enter WakeID credentials when prompted.

Login Issues:

  • Learn more about your WakeID credentials.
  • For issues logging into Canvas with your WakeID, follow normal support procedures for technology related issues.

If you have any additional questions, follow your normal support procedure for technology related issues.

Last Updated: August 3, 2020