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Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio is a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio media. Features include uploading videos, screen capture videos, edit screen capture videos, import YouTube videos, create video quizzes, video discussions, and tracking specific video usage by person. Canvas Studio is a completely separate application than Canvas but they work seamlessly together.

Support Documentation

Below are frequently used Canvas Studio documents provided by Canvas. You can also visit the entire Canvas Studio Table of Contents.

Studio Basics

Embedding Media

Studio Quizzing


Screen Capture

Important Notes About Capturing Media

  • On non-mobile devices, users can use the Record feature to capture recordings from their screen or webcam.
  • Screen Capture requires a Windows install that give access to Screencast-O-Matic editing tools.
  • Screen Capture will work without installing the application but no editing can be done.
  • Users can screen capture on a Chromebook but editing tools are not available yet.
  • Mobile devices can upload from media already saved on the device. Any editing needs to be done prior to uploading to Studio.

Device Compatibility

If you have any additional questions, follow your normal support procedure for technology related issues.

Last Updated: June 29, 2022